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Our Top 'Spring Cleaning' Ideas For Homeowners

Everyone is familiar with the term “spring cleaning”, a tradition in which people partake in deep house cleanings, various improvements, and seasonal maintenance of their homes once the start of spring hits. After the chilly months of the winter season, it’s the perfect time to add some new and sprightly additions and enhancements to your home, whether you focus on simply deep cleaning your space or plan to renovate your home entirely. Keep reading for our insightful spring cleaning ideas for homeowners looking to maximize the efficiency of their seasonal home upgrades.


Seasonal maintenance checklists

Owning a home is no easy task – there are many aspects of a property that have to be maintained in order for living conditions to continue to stay fresh, healthy, and safe. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with seasonal home maintenance checklists for every season of the year, including spring. From clearing out your gutters and making sure your air filters are changed, to more intensive tasks like resealing windows and power washing your home’s exterior, this checklist has everything listed that you might be forgetting.

You can check out our assortment of maintenance checklists here, along with a variety of other weather-related content for homeowners to keep your property safe and sound no matter the season.


Optimize your outdoor space

Football set up outdoor kitchen

As the temperatures outside start to shoot up and the skies grow sunnier, everyone dreams of spending time outside in their own comfortable outdoor space. Don’t dream any longer: make a few simple updates to your backyard, porch, or outdoor space with these helpful tips.

  • Creating a lively space that you’ll never want to leave is easy by simply adding one or two missing factors – all of which can be found in our outdoor space resource blog here. Get endless inspiration for amplifying your backyard, from adding a firepit and lounge seating to adjusting the use of grass, stone, or gravel in your landscaping.
  • Spruce up your garden with the best flowers and greenery for your region’s climate. Contrary to popular belief, Texas residents have plenty of opportunities to add some color and fresh blooms to their home gardens. For a complete list of plants to consider for your outdoor space, check out our gardening resource here!
  • Optimizing your outdoor kitchen, adding a television, or investing in a barbeque grill or outdoor fridge can turn a backyard into the main hangout area in your home. Adding a TV setup allows for fun watch parties for sports lovers or simply a new movie-watching space for film enthusiasts. More ideas you can reference when enhancing your entertaining space can be found in our game day set-up list here.


Add eco-friendly updates

Sustainability is one of the biggest trends taking over the consumer space in 2023. It is easier and cheaper than ever to add must-needed home upgrades that are both eco-friendly and can save you money in the long run! There are plenty of fantastic new appliances and facilities that can cut your waste and energy use, including high-efficiency heaters, water-saving showerheads, energy-efficient lighting, and solar panels.

But besides having to install new products to contribute to your household’s sustainability, there are a lot of actions you can take to reduce your waste without making a purchase at all. Consider opening blinds and curtains to rely on natural light versus depending on artificial light all day long. Make an effort to properly sort and separate your recyclables and trash, and if you’re really eager to make a green difference, you can practice composting as well.

For the top ten eco-friendly tips and tricks you can implement in your home to save you money year-round, you can read our blog on sustainability here.


Update your seasonal decor

Easy Home Office Ideas

Out with the old and in with the new! As the seasons change, so can your taste in home design. Spring is the perfect time to revamp your style and prepare your home for hosting. Some examples of how you can bring some seasonal flare into your home are as follows:

  • Swapping out your bedding from a thicker winter set to fresh, airy linens can instantly brighten your room.
  • Changing your kitchen hand towels, tableware, and seasonal decor from winter to spring.
  • Introduce a new potted plant to your indoor space.
  • Crack open the blinds and curtains to invite in more natural light. While in the winter you are encouraged to close curtains to preserve heat, the spring is likely to bring brighter skies and warmer temperatures, making it the perfect time to start opening up your home again.
  • And of course, as the name “spring cleaning” implies, you should deep clean all surfaces, kitchens, bedrooms, and living areas to bring them back to a fresh, pristine condition.


We hope you found value in these spring cleaning ideas for homeowners. Sending you endless cleanliness and joy this spring!