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Transform Your Outdoor Space With These Inspiring DIY's

As the seasons change and warmer weather rolls in, all people want to do is kick back and relax in the comfort of their own backyards. You may look out your back window and realize your personal outdoor space isn’t as comfortable as you hoped, with a lack of lush greenery and tranquil spots to lay out under the sun. There’s no need to worry, you don’t need to shovel out thousands to transform your backyard into a place you love! Check out these inspiring outdoor space DIYs that are sure to get you on your feet and heading to your local hardware and garden store.


Add Some Fire

Sometimes all you need to enjoy a nice evening outdoors is a beautiful fireplace to gather around. A patio with furniture could easily be placed to center around a small or large fire pit. There are countless fire pit options to choose from, based on your personal budget and taste. Fire pits can consist of a simple round tin placed on the ground, filled with chopped firewood. You can also stack sturdy bricks to DIY your own fire ring. Another option are tabletop fireplaces that look great situated on a cozy patio. Fire pits can also get very modern and luxurious, using propane gas rather than naturally burnt wood and burning over smooth shards of blue glass.


Vertical Gardens

Not all backyards are large and spacious, but that doesn’t mean they can’t thrive with greenery. A great hack for filling an outdoor space with plants and flowers is to install a vertical garden. Stack a few shelves at an appropriate distance from each other and pile on the green! Place them in matching pots or get creative with them in any way you want. Stick to simple flowers and succulents or opt for growing a wall of herbs that you can use in your home cooking!


Set the Mood


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Adding efficient lighting to an outdoor space can spruce up the scene without costing too much or requiring a lot of effort. String a few hanging lanterns over your patio furniture for a cozy, relaxing setting. A few small, dim, white lights can add a tranquil glow to your backyard. You can also invest in a few large candles that can be relit and used for a long time. Lighting can make a difference, especially once the sun completely sets.


Seek Comfort

No one wants to sit around on plastic lawn chairs all day. Make sure your patio furniture is plush, comfortable, and utterly nap-worthy. This will make you want to spend every hour you can outdoors! Throw some fluffy weather-resistant pillows over your chairs or pull over an ottoman to stretch out on. A swinging chair or hammock can add a dash of luxury to your outdoor space. To escape the intense heat at the height of the day, you could hang airy, outdoor drapes or open a large parasol to shield the sun and keep your space cool.


Who Needs a Patio, Anyways?


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Step back in time and pretend you’re having a fancy 1900s picnic in the garden by setting up an arrangement of comfortable furniture out in the yard. If you don’t have a patio, this is a great option to enjoy time outdoors without sitting directly on the ground. Setting up some wooden chairs with plush pillows, an outdoor rug, or seating cushions can make an area feel complete without having to invest in installing an entire patio. Prop the space under a shady tree and you’re golden.


Pool Girl Summer


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Warm weather means it’s time to hit the water! To avoid the costs of installing an in ground pool, or if your backyard space isn’t large enough to fit one, these adorable stock tank pools are the perfect way to go! They are deep enough to soak back and relax in with a cold glass of iced tea, and are perfect for kids, too. They can range from $200-400, which is a major deal for someone wishing to cool off on a budget. Throw in some pool floats, a soft lounger, an arrangement of sun-loving plants, and you’ll be enjoying your own mini spa.


Grass For Grout

Don’t settle for the life of mowing your overgrown lawn every weekend, or having to witness all your grass shrivel up under the beating sun during the summer. Get creative with your yard and replace a majority of your grass with decoratively placed stepping stones. Place identical size and shape stone tiles across the yard, making a “grass for grout” look. Adding this touch to your yard can eliminate the worries of patchy grass, can connect the patio with other parts of the yard, and looks fantastic with outdoor furniture placed on top.


Go Grassless


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To achieve an elegant backyard without worrying about patchy grass, these last outdoor space DIYs are sure to wow your guests. Be daring and get rid of it altogether! A backyard can be stunning without the grass, replace it with a non-grass substitute including small rocks, gravel, stone tiles, and wood chipping. Planting cacti, succulents, or other desert plants among the rocky ground can add a pop of color to the space. If you love the look of grass, there are beautiful artificial grasses to choose from.

Get ready to spend every warm, sunny day outside in your own fantastic backyard. Follow any of these inspiring outdoor space DIYs and your home will become extra inviting, relaxing, and enjoyable.