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Summer is a Great Time to Buy and Sell Homes - The Loken Group

Summer is officially here! This is the perfect season for new and seasoned homeowners looking to buy or list a home for a variety of factors. With sunny skies comes more sales in properties across Houston, making it a great time to sell a home if you’re looking for a quick sale or buy a home if you’re moving and want the most options. With The Loken Group currently selling homes in an average of 18.8 days on market, you don’t want to miss your chance to score more money in less time.

Here are the reasons why summer is such a hot time to sell – and it’s not just because the temperatures are rising.

1. Job changes or other life events.

Summer is typically the time when big life changes occur, such as career changes or job relocations. Since many jobs slow down on hiring over the colder months, due to the holidays, the summer is when people are ramping up to move to their next destination.


2. Convenience with school schedules.

Families with children are often looking to move before the start of the school year, as to not disrupt their kids schooling in the middle of a semester. The summer is the most convenient time to pack up and move without having to worry about switching classes mid-school year or missing out on school days during the hectic moving period.


3. People have more free time.

People are generally more active and social in the summer, making them more willing to attend open houses and other events related to buying and touring homes on the market. They also have more time to spend searching for their perfect property with an agent or on their own time. This leads to more buyers actively searching for homes, giving sellers more chances to sell their home fast this summer.


4. Longer days of light make homes more appealing and inviting.

With more sunshine means more day time to get things done. And with homeowners and potential homebuyers having more time to browse homes, paired with more hours of daylight to shine upon homes and show off their brilliant natural light or beautiful exteriors, there will be more sales over this season. Take advantage of the best time to sell homes, during the summer!


5. More home choices for buyers.

Typically, most homes become available and are sold during the summer so buyers get an array of choices through their home buying process! Buyers have more options to pick from over the sunny season, making finding their perfect home much easier during this time. Sellers can also benefit from the influx in homes on the market, as more buyers will be open to looking at a wide variety of homes, bring increased visibility to all kinds of listings.