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TLG Gives 2019 Home Transformation

The last few years have not been kind to the Menchaca family. Silvia Menchaca just retired as a beloved lunch aide from Ridgemont Elementary. Being busy with serving the leaders of tomorrow, the Menchaca house fell into disrepair. Piling onto their misfortunes, her husband, Luis Menchaca, became confined to a wheelchair in 2014; causing him to be separated from his family and home, and move into a nursing home. Desperate for a change in their fortunes, their daughter, Ana, nominated them for the 2019 TLG Gives Home Transformation.


The focus of TLG Give’s 2019 Home Transformation was not only to repair the condition of the home, but also to reunite the Menchaca family by making the home handicap accessible for Luis. The goals of the project included:


  • Updated tile flooring
  • New roof
  • Repaired all plumbing and electrical issues
  • Replacement of the drywall
  • Renovated both bathrooms and made them handicap accessible
  • All new furniture
  • All new paint
  • Complete remodel of the kitchen
  • Replaced all light fixtures and doors
  • Updated landscaping


After over 100+ hours donated, this is the completed project:

“Me by myself, I don’t know how many years it would have taken me to complete this job. Especially because I am not working anymore. I would never have been able to do what you guys did here, it would have been too much for me. You did a lot for me. Thank you everybody for everything!”

-Sylvia Menchaca


“Our goal for this project was to make this home more accessible and functional for Sylvia and Luis. We wanted them to have a home that lasts and that they can enjoy with the rest of their family. Together, with Meraki Construction, we were able to give them a new space to call their own. Thank you to all the sponsors, donors and volunteers who helped make this transformation possible!” 

-Sydney Kempler, TLG Gives Coordinator

To make a donation for next year’s Home Transformation, please visit the TLG Gives website or follow TLG Gives on Facebook .

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TLG Gives is a non-profit 501(c)3, and all donations made to TLG Gives are tax-deductible (Tax Id –81-2337937). 100% of donations received go directly to TLG Gives Projects.