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Giving Back This Holiday Season: Angel Tree 2018

The Tanko family, consisting of Robert, his wife Julie, and their two lovely daughters, received the news this past March that their youngest daughter has Retinoblastoma, a cancer of the eye, which happens to be right on her optic nerve. In addition, Robert was recently the victim of an identity theft crime that has taken a heavy toll on his credit. After learning of their hardships, TLG Gives arranged a fun night out for the family at Shen Yun, and also provided the family with clothes, toys, and gift cards to various grocery stores, restaurants, and family-friendly entertainment.

Laura and her husband live in Cypress with their 2 children. Laura is a fourth grade teacher who shows up big for her students every day, demonstrating such strength and positivity that most would never guess the devastating time she and her family are going through. Laura’s husband has an aggressive form of cancer that he has yet to beat, despite extensive treatments, including a stem cell transplant. TLG Gives gifted the Acosta’s with a Visa and Kroger gift card, Nintendo Joy-Con, and a fun family day at Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park.

Don and Dana Faulk live in Cypress and have two beautiful little boys – Jackson and Landon. Dana recently suffered from a stroke, which put her in the hospital for over two weeks. Dana is hopeful that with physical therapy she will be able to gain movement back. Although Don has been working full-time, Dana was laid off from her job just a few weeks prior to suffering a stroke. We wanted to make their holidays a little bit brighter, so TLG Gives provided them with toys, pajamas, an Amazon Echo, and gift cards to various retailers, restaurants, and family-friendly entertainment.

Amy and her two children, Keenon and Hannah, are recovering from the recent loss of their beloved husband and father. Hannah is in middle school and Kennon is currently enrolled in high school with the intention of graduating early and working full-time in an effort to help support the family. Since his father’s death, Keenon has been working non-stop performing various tasks such as mowing lawns and doing handyman work within the neighborhood to contribute financially. After learning of the Vickers’ heartbreaking loss, TLG Gives arranged a holiday meal for the family, as well as a Bose speaker, pet toys and treats, school supplies, slipper socks, a spa voucher, and gift cards.

In February of 2017, Kaye Griggs was found unresponsive in her home by her mother. At first it was thought that she suffered a heart attack. Further testing revealed that she had Type 2 diabetes and a kidney stone, which had led to an infection. As a result, Kaye lost her right hand, several fingers on her left hand, and all of her toes. Before her medical emergency, Kaye was in business for herself as a personal chef and caterer. Since her amputation, she is unable to continue the job she loved doing for others. After learning of her struggles, TLG Gives provided Kaye with gift cards to Kroger and Bed Bath & Beyond, a recliner chair that would be easy for her to get in and out of, and a throw blanket.

The Vasquez’s are a family of 6, including Sergio, his wife Janine, and their children Alyssa (14), Joaquin (13), Kaylen (9), and Hailey (3). Sergio lost his job due to Hurricane Harvey and was out of work for 6 months, which eventually led to them losing their rental home. They were forced to sell off most of their belongings and move in with Sergio’s parents, where the whole family has been living together in one bedroom. Their oldest daughter, Alyssa, has Scoliosis and Marfan syndrome, which affects her heart, eyes, blood vessels, and bones. She is in and out of the hospital and doctors’ offices a lot, and the medical bills have put further financial strain on the family. Kaylen also has scoliosis, which requires occasional monitoring. TLG Gives provided the Vasquez’s with a 1-year pass to Sea World San Antonio and Aquatica, clothes, toys, a Nintendo game console, furniture, and gift cards.

TLG Gives does 2 main philanthropic outreach projects annually: TLG Gives Angel Tree in December and TLG Home Transformation in the summer, where we surprise one deserving family in need by transforming their home, giving them peace of mind and a comfortable home environment. We take year-round donations to fund these projects in our community, with 100% of donations received going directly towards TLG Gives efforts. To make your tax-deductible donation, donate using the link below. To learn more about TLG Gives, visit our website. To make donations to TLG Gives, please visit our Paypal.