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2018 TLG Gives Home Transformation


We are so grateful for the generous amount of support, volunteer work, and donations made to the TLG Gives 2018 Home Transformation initiative. Through this initiative, we were able to help the Monsivaes family by making needed repairs to the home. See what inspired us to help this family in need:


We were inspired by the Monsivaes family, who had recently suffered a tragic loss when patriarch Paul Monsivaes, passed away suddenly. Before Paul passed away, he was in the process of making repairs on the family’s house, which was in desperate need of improvement. We were honored to have the opportunity to transform their family’s home and give them the home that Paul had always envisioned for the family.

The home had many issues that needed to be addressed to make it more livable and comfortable for the family. This unfinished home is a daily reminder of what Paul never got to complete. Our main goal for this project was to fulfill the vision that Paul had for this home and for his family,” said Sydney Kempler, Chairman of TLG Gives.

TLG Gives Home Before

Our team, along with the generous donation of hours and contributions from our sponsors, was able to make needed repairs like replacing exposed exterior soffit around the home, repairs to interior walls, repairs to a window, updating the master bathroom that had been in the process of repairs due to mold, finishing the kitchen repairs and updates, as well as other updates to create a more comfortable living space for the family.


The Home Transformation project for the Monsivaes family is just one of the many ways in which TLG Gives helps deserving individuals and families in the greater Houston area in times of need. Our next project is our 2018 Angel Tree effort, where we provide additional support and gives during the holiday season. If you would like to learn more about the TLG Gives Angel Tree effort and how you can help, visit