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Disputing Your Property Taxes

Disputing property taxes can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time. Luckily some of our team members have gone through this before and are here to offer up some advice!

Disputing Your Property Taxes
Why are my property taxes going up?



Property taxes often go up as property values rise. This can be caused by upgrades done to the property, community, or area. Each year, the appraisal district sends out data collectors to appraise the values of every property, which will then be updated on January 1st of each year. It is also not uncommon that when the real estate market gets stronger, property taxes will follow, and, at some point, be raised over what you initially paid for the home. Everyone wants to pay less taxes, regardless of where they’re at; but it becomes even more of an issue when property taxes increase higher than what you could get when selling the home, or when you’ve been valued higher than comparable homes around you.

What is the process of disputing property taxes?



Once you receive your property tax bill and you’re unhappy with how much you have to pay, the first thing to do is to run comparables for your home. This involves looking for and compiling recent home sales that are as close to your property as possible. If you would like some help on this, you can contact your real estate professional to have them run it for you. Once you have compiled a list of comparables you’d like to use, you can then protest your property tax bill one of three ways: online, mail, or in person at the tax office.

Once you’ve submitted a protest along with the comparables of your home, the appraisal district will send you a protest date and time. Protests have 2 types of hearings: informal and formal.

  1. Informal: Informal Hearings are ones where you’d meet alone with an appraiser. If you are unsuccessful there, it gets moved to a formal hearing.
  2. Formal: Formal Hearings are when you meet with the board at the appraisal district.



Can The Loken Group help with this process?



The Loken Group would be happy to help run market reports for our clients! We would love to help provide you with the market reports and comparables to help you dispute your property taxes!