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Cheap And Easy Staging Tips To Help Sell Your Home

Effectively staging a home can have a huge impact on how quickly the property will sell. The Real Estate Staging Association revealed that statistically, staged homes sell 2-3 times faster and end up with offers up to 17% higher than un-staged homes! Have no fear, staging doesn’t have to come at a high fee. We have plenty of cheap and easy staging tips that will get your house ready to show in no time and at little to no cost.

Below are a few affordable and simple tricks courtesy of our professional stagers at The Loken Group that you can follow when preparing to sell your home.


Make Space!

Inexpensive Staging Hacks

Buyers are typically looking for plenty of storage space when viewing a home. Clearing your closet floors and making sure they’re only half full will give the impression that there’s more storage space throughout the property. It’s also important to place furniture in a way that opens up the space and clears all pathways.

Our professional stager Candy Dumas recommends you allot 36-48 inches of space in high-traffic hallways and 24-30 for lower-traffic areas. Try to leave 14-18 inches of space between the couch and coffee table. The room will look much bigger and more spacious!


Lighter + Brighter = BetterCheap And Easy Staging Tips Bright Lights

A home will look more appealing with brighter lightbulbs. Using energy efficient bulbs is a plus, but any 60-100 watt bulb will transform the space to appear much brighter and bigger. Don’t forget to replace any burnt out bulbs! A lightbulb with a bright white or daylight hue will create the feeling that the room is overflowing with natural light.


Odors are EverythingCheap And Easy Staging Tips Odors

A foul smell can leave a bad impression on potential buyers. Remove kitchen odors by pouring hot salt water down the drain twice a week and grinding some lemon rind into the garbage disposal.

Pet owners beware, animal stenches can linger! You may have to spend some extra time cleaning and deodorizing your home. Remove all pet hair from floors and carpets and use a fresh scented plug-in and Febreze furniture spray before each showing.


A Pop of Color Goes a Long WayCheap And Easy Staging Tips Pop of Color

Add some color and texture to your living spaces with these cheap and easy staging tips! Grab a couple colorful flowers or large leafy stems from your yard or a yard of a friend and make a DIY creation that will spotlight your living space.

A beautiful vase featuring a few flowers or a couple banana leaves can really elevate a room. Large, long, lily leaves in vases on either sides of a mantle can create drama at no cost. Arrange some cuttings on place settings or set out some flowering plants, such as magnolias or gardenias, to float in bowls.


Make the House a HomeCheap And Easy Staging Tips Fruit

Add to the entertainment value of your kitchen by including some simple staged props. Good examples include a stack of dishes with napkins, a cheese tray and wine, or a pitcher of lemons in water with glasses. Remember: Kitchens sell homes!

Simple bowls of same type fruit and vegetables, such as apples and lemons, or cutting boards with colorful peppers can also provide color and have no real cost, since they can be eaten afterwards! Be sure to add pops of colorful textiles, such as pillows and throws, to the family and living areas as well.

If you are looking to sell your home or have any questions about staging, give us a call at 281-861-4624 or email us at